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A dock is usually an enclosed place close to parks where boats are placed or repaired. It’s essential to clean the dock regularly; this is because docks easily collect dirt, bird droppings, spider webs, and dust. More so, wood docks get attacked by sun, moss insects, fish guts, foot traffic, rain, snow, and morning dew.

Also, docks retain water and snow for extended periods making them damp. This way, they attract pollen and fungal spores, which normally ether and result in ugly discoloration and algae. Therefore, pressure cleaning services for docks are crucial.

Pressure cleaning for docks entails blasting away black algae, mildew, or bio growth from the surface of your dock. The process gets rid of all the grime, unwanted debris and build-up associated with the aquatic environment.

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Benefits Of Pressure Cleaning
For Docks By Pressure Cleaning Plus.

Enhances the dock’s appeal and durability

Pressure cleaning is very crucial for docks. Besides, most dock owners opt for this method of cleaning due to the astounding results. Pressure washing enhances the curb appeal of docks. Pressure cleaning services are crucial for maintaining the dock in perfect condition. As such, the pier remains attractive and clean. More so, pressure washing gives a dock a classy finish and ensures its durability.


Pressure cleaning is essential for all docks. It eliminates mold and dirt, which may affect your dock in many ways. By cleaning the dock regularly, you maintain it in perfect condition while safeguarding its elements. This way, chances of damages and accidents are lessened. Also, graffiti is one of the significant issues that docks face and can be tough to exclude using conventional cleaning methods.

Conserving the environment

Pressure cleaning ensures that conceivably toxic elements such as pollen, dust, and pollutants get removed. This way, pressure cleaning creates a safer environment for the dock workers.


A dirty dock can present safety hazards to the workers. For instance, when bio-growth is left to accumulate for long, making the area slippery. Pressure cleaning eliminates all the grime making it safer. The method of cleaning also saves time since it uses specialized equipment to scrub away all the dirt in a short period.

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