Pressure Cleaning Plus LLC. is a full exterior cleaning company. We specialize in residential and commercial total exterior cleaning that includes siding, windows, roofs, deck, docks, driveways, sidewalks and more! When we arrive, we always ensure that all outdoor outlets, fans, lights, etc. are covered to prevent any water damage and special precaution is taken at every residence.

Although every project is different, we always provide a detailed and itemized quote for your approval before we start on any project. Since no two projects are the same, the cost will be unique to your project.

Soft washing is a technique where low pressure, around 500psi or less, is used in conjunction with equipment to apply chemicals on surfaces that should not have high pressure on like stucco, windows, some wood surfaces, etc.

Pressure washing is a technique of using higher pressure to apply chemicals and remove mold/mildew/etc. from harder surfaces like concrete, brick, pavers, etc.

Pressure Cleaning Plus LLC. will review your project and make a recommendation, depending on the job, on which service would be best for your project. Every job is different, and the care of our customer’s assets is very important to us.

We are fully licensed for Beaufort and surrounding areas and carry GL and Workers Comp for residential and commercial properties. If copies are needed, please feel free to reach out to us directly at 843-986-6854.

Pressure Cleaning Plus LLC. can provide you with an itemized quotes for you to consider at no cost. Please contact us by email at pressurecleaningplus.sc@gmail.com, by phone at 843.986.6854 or visit our website at www.CleanBeaufort.com to get your quote started.

No one is required to be home when we come and all we ask is that the morning of our service, you ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked to ensure a watertight seal. We also ask that all small items (i.e. plants, mats, wreaths, shoes, etc.) be taken indoors. We can assist in removing any heavy furniture or plants or even wrap up immovable objects before we begin.

Depending on the job, we use various chemicals in our line of work. The most commonly-used chemical on houses and roofs is sodium hypochlorite or “Bleach”. We mix our chemicals on the job and ensure the dilution ratio is ideal for your project. Other chemicals we use are degreasers for concrete and high traffic area staining, surfactants to allow our chemicals to cling to your home, rust removal agents to eliminate hard water staining on the surface, as well as various wood cleaning agents designed to efficiently and safely clean wood surfaces.

Yes, we offer roof cleaning as well as roof debris removal, gutter cleaning, asphalt shingle (softwash) cleaning, metal roof cleaning, and even Spanish tile roofs.

We love doing wood projects. We use various wood cleaning, restoring and sealing products to restore the original color to your wood deck/dock. Since wood is an organic matter, special precautions must be taken to not damage the grain or discolor the fibers. We would be more than happy to discuss cleaning and water sealing projects with you!

Typically, the amount of water is used so minimal that you may not even notice a change on your water bill. It is the equivalent of a long shower typically. We do have the equipment to provide water on certain jobs that do not have a water source.